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Why Grassroots?

What makes Grassroots different from conventional lawn care services?
Grassroots is a completely organic soil care service. We are committed to building trust in our relationships with the community, businesses, and cities we work with.
What are the benefits of healthy soil?
Healthy soil = Healthy plants, animals, humans, and environment​

What to expect?
A transformational journey from the ground up!

What about the weeds?

What are you going to do about the weeds?
Will the weeds take over?
Why do I have so many dandelions?
How does clover benefit my lawn?

Keeping up with the Jone's

How do I deal with my neighbors?
How do I handle the Homeowners Association in my subdivision?
Before/After Service
Is there anything I need to do before service days?
Do I need to mow before service days?
Do I need to water in the top dressing?
Why are my services sometimes so closely scheduled together?
How can I help?
Why do I need to mulch in my leaves?
Why won't my leaves decompose?
Are oak leaves bad for the soil?
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